Interview with Fabio Cavina of Nemen (English version)

This occasion we interviewed Fabio Cavina, associate with Leonardo Fasolo in the Italian brand Nemen. Thank you very much for your time Fabio.

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Tell us a bit, how did this project come about? and what does the name nemen mean?

Hello and thank you for the interest in Nemen. The project started when I met Leonardo Fasolo, a young and higly motivated designer with whom I share the same passion for clothing and for the made in Italy heritage. We were introduced to each other by Lorenzo Osti at the Osti Studio, during a time when we were both collaborating with Lorenzo on different projects, so we thought that was a sign.

What has changed in you, Fabio, since you started young to be dyed clothes in the basement of your house?

A lot has changed, but the passion is still the same. I did not have a specific background, I just knew I wanted to put my passion into making what I have always loved, although as said I have a different background as I have a degree in economics. So I had to start from nothing, I did not even know where I could get a t-shirt printed!

Somehow you are the followers of the legacy Osti, does it bring a great reponsibility? Other in that line would be the recentTen C, and the already established MAStrum, what do you think those marks? Boneville will be reborn from the hand of MA Strum, what do you think?

We consider Nemen a prosecution of the italian heritage, of course Massimo Osti was the person who ignited our passion for clothing and outerwear in particular, and we have always admired his work. I am a bolognese born and bred too so I feel that kind of responsibility for what Leonardo and I do in that perspective, like I owe something to this land.

I prefer not to comment on other brands to be honest, my opinion is that an italian brand should be made in Italy, not in china or wherever. Also, garment dyeing, together with functionality in design and fabric research is what made the work of Osti special, therefore I believe that to keep that heritage alive you really need to work on these ingredients: made in Italy, functional design, fabric research and garment dyeing.


Small productions, limited edition sand manufacturing Made in Italy, are these aspects a non-negotiable part of Nemen, or in the future, do you think expanding market and taking another current?

For what I just said, there is no possibility to develop Nemen in a different way from what we have been doing so far.

It would not make sense to us and it would be like betraying our concepts and the reason why we have started the brand. Obviously, manufacturing high quality garments in small quantities in Italy in 2014 is a big challenge, but we love what we do and we hate compromising.

From your previous project, 12th Man (a way to draw heat and drive that the terrace has, making the team seems to play with a man more), I get the feeling that no matter who you relate to the world of football, is this so?

To be honest, I was really fascinated when, as an Osti collector, I got in touch with the so called “casual scene” in the UK some 10-15 years ago. Since then I have matured a love for outerwear which has now gone past the casual movement or the football scene, although quite a few of our customers are “football lads”.

What is your relation to the world of football? and with the casual culture?

I found it very interesting when I found out about it years ago, but to be honest, as with many good things, I have the feeling that it has now been “milked” too much, specially in the UK.


There are small pills filtering what next season will be, are we going to really surprise , or would you continue keeping an aesthetic pattern?

We will keep focusing on what we love doing, which is create what we consider beautiful garments we would love to wear, doing our best to improve season after season, at the same time we work on “crazy” projects focused on extreme research, unfortunately these pieces do not normally get produced due to really high costs.

What criteria do you follow when making contributions, for example, with Our Culture?

First is the “human” factor, which means we need to feel on the same wave length with the other part of the collaboration, it was like that with Norse Projects and with the guys at OurCulture too. We started with a collaboration and we actually became friends. Then we need to feel comfortable with the general idea behind the collaboration in terms of product development etc.

Nemen aims to continue with traditional Italian tailoring and craft heritage, with the ultimate goal of manufacturing high quality, what is the relationship of Massimo Osti with this?

Somehow we feel that if Massimo was still alive today he would probably agree on our project as it is driven by our pure passion for making beautiful garments in Italy focusing on design, fabric research and garment dyeing.


What kind of person are focused nemen ?

I would say that our typical customer is someone with a background that will enable him to understand concepts like garment dyeing for example, not everybody can do that.

Also, we think most of our customers are “pioneers” in the way they like to wear something different from most of the other people are wearing.

Are you aware that you are a cult brand for fans of casual culture?

As said we know that many of our fans are “casuals” and we are cool with that, but we do not consider Nemen a “football brand” … or at least not only that!

What spanish brands would you distinguish for quality and design?

I honestly do not know many Spanish brands these days, I used to buy a lot of Camper shoes when they came out in Italy some 15 years ago and I still own some pairs …although I tend to buy Preventi shoes now instead.


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