Interview with Neil Morris, Veras Shoes (English version)

In this occasion we have the presence on the blog with Neil Morris, Veras shoes. Thanks for your time.


how long you been in the world of footwear? what inspires you when designing?

 I started in 2010 so 4 years ago. i am inspired by many things, especially on the meditteranean. i also try and make shoes i would wear myself.

how did an welsh man create a brand of shoes produced in alicante?

I used to live in mojacar and had friends who worked with factories in southern spain. I also produce in portugal

there are several brands of shoes “made in spain”, panama jack, maians, callaghan, vialis and many more, do you know them?

I have heard of panama jacks and maians but not the others

Veras manufactures in alicante, but just has distribution in spain, and almost nobody knows about, are you aware of this?

Nobody sells veras in spain. I need a distributor!!!!


By design, with the “mediterranean” style, quite fit in many of our cities, have you thought about focusing your brand also for our market?

I would love to sell my shoes in spain but it is difficult without a distributor

Veras has enough pull between the people of the terraces, what do you think it is due?

I think the answer is that the Autumn Winter type moccasin and wallabies and boots I did with Casual Co are a style you can wear to the pub, the football, etc. you can wear them anywhere. Maybe Veras are popular because people are tired of wearing trainers everyday.

How collaboration with casual connoisseur and more recently with oipolloi arises?

I know the guys and we get on, they are very nice people and we have a lot in common and similar interests etc. i am working om more designs for cc and op at this moment.


Do you plan to expand your catalog in the future to other garments besides footwear and accessories?

Only footwear and small accessories

We know your fashion sense and your time in cardiff with droogi store where you had brands like 6876, duffer of st george, edwin, levi’s … tell us,how did you live then?

The same as now, the only difference i had a lot of free clothes, not so many now. i started drooghi with my best friends, we had some fun and travelled to many places. also we sold some great labels, especially in the late 90s.

What is your relationship with the world of football and the terraces?

I don’t watch football but i play 5 a side three times a week. watching it bores me, i liked it when i was younger but not so much now. i watched cardiff city occasionally in the 80s and 90s and port talbot afc. i still look out for their scores. my friends still watch both teams.


What brand of clothes are your favorite and why?

6876 because its subtle, bape because nobody wears it anymore, ralph because its ralph, uniqlo because its cheap as chips, and casual connoisseur because they’re nice guys.

what would you say to all those who think that sneakers are better than shoes?

I like sneakers too. I prefer shoes but i also like more casual shoes such as adidas zx500, nike pegasus, superga, sperry topsiders….


I am among those who think it depends on the moment, but if i’m honest, i do not usually wear shoes. how can you convince me to buy me a pair?

A man should have shoes as well as trainers in his wardrobe…… unless you’re mo farah….

Tell us what you want

I would have liked to have answered this q&a in spanish but i can only say dos café con leche por favor


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